• “Phantom Engineering is an essential member of the Advanced Concepts team. As a result of their unique technical and operational expertise and ability to deconstruct customer and overall requirements, the team has been able to respond to challenging timelines with a robust operational proposal.”

  • “Phantom Engineering’s input gave us the ability to design, develop, procure and test with both software and hardware systems and our customers, to include principles, have been extremely pleased with the responsiveness, quality, and robustness of the solutions proposed.”

  • “The Phantom Engineering team possesses a unique set of technical skills and in-depth experience that enable consistent delivery of innovative solutions within this highly specialized field.”

  • “The Phantom Engineering team’s technical contributions are in extremely high demand and are continually sought out by the office and externally. This has contributed in making them the ‘go to’ team for technical solutions, proven trade craft, and solid advice.”

  • “The contributions of Phantom Engineering ensure that we continue to set the bar for exceptional mission execution.”