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Commercial Services

Risk and Vulnerability Assessments

Phantom Engineering, Inc. has a proprietary system for tracking, and mitigating risks and vulnerabilities of cybersecurity systems. We combine our extensive experience in the cyber mission space with this system to discover and create deep understanding of the risk environment. Phantom designs mitigations ranging from procedural adjustments to technical solutions with the goal of managing risk to levels acceptable for the client’s mission. Throughout the development and operations cycle, Phantom adjusts the risk tool and tracks mitigation implementation.


Our typical risk and vulnerability assessments include:

  • A preliminary cybersecurity risk assessment
  • An assessment of current mitigations in place
  • Risk and vulnerability mitigation recomendations
  • Briefings to communicate the risk management posture to partners and stakeholders
  • Periodic mitigation evaluations and assessment updates
  • The final cybersecurity risk assessment prior to operationalization


Strategic Roadmapping

The development of cutting-edge cybersecurity systems deployed in complex and high-risk environments is near impossible without the guidance of a strategic roadmap. Phantom Engineering has a deep understanding of the cyber mission and environment, and experience in a variety of technical disciplines necessary to create impactful strategic roadmaps. Experts at Phantom Engineering are integrated with our customers to monitor and guide projects throughout the course of the roadmap, from concept to operations. We also shape the evolution of the roadmap through periodic assessments and updates. Our work creates leadership visibility into the progress of projects against the greater goals of the organization. 

Our typical Strategic Roadmap deliveries include:
  • Assessment of existing roadmaps and organizational or mission goals
  • Strategic Roadmap
  • Periodic evaluations of roadmap progress and project recommendations 
  • Strategic Roadmap updates

Systems Engineering and Process Development

When building systems that combine expertise in software development, vulnerability research, and mission, the challenges can be significant. Phantom Engineering brings knowledge in each of these disciplines to the development of a Systems Engineering approach for our clients that can manage complex technical developments. Our solutions balance the work required to support oversight with the demand for agility as technical solutions evolve. 

We create a baseline Systems Engineering Process as the foundation and tailor it for individual projects. Leadership is provided with appropriate insight so the project can apply effort to milestones critical for success. Phantom provides periodic evaluations of each project against the tailored lifecycle, creating a consistent standard of milestone progress and documentation that leadership can rely on.

Our typical Systems Engineering Process provides:

  • A baseline for complex system development, from concept through operational readiness
  • A tailored systems engineering plan
  • Monthly evaluation reports of a project’s progress
  • Evaluations of milestone packages for conformance